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  • 1997 Art In The Woods 14th Annual Gallery Exhibition Overland Park Arts Commission “Juror’s Choice”, Rackstraw Downes, juror
  • 1999 Art In The Woods 16th Annual Gallery Exhibition Overland Park Arts Commission “Juror’s Choice”, M. Stephen Doherty, juror
  • 2000 Heartland Artist Exhibition United States Competition. “Best of Show”, R. J. Hamil, juror
  • 2001 Heartland Artists Exhibition United States Competition, “Award of Merit”, Blair S. Sands, juror
  • 2001 18th Annual Gallery Exhibition Art In The Woods, “Juror’s Choice”, Bo Bartlett, juror
  • 2001 31st Annual International Exhibition Louisiana Watercolor Society, Award of Merit”, Henry Casselli, juror
  • 2002 Kansas Watercolor Society 23rd Annual Seven State Exhibition, Wichita Center For The Arts, Judi Betts, juror
  • 2002 Heartland Artists Exhibition United States Competition, “ Third Place Award”, Cathy Johnson, juror
  • 2002 The Forbes Gallery, New York, NY The Business Committee For The Arts, Inc. Exhibition Invitational
  • 2003 Heartland Artists Exhibition United States Competition, Judith Burns McCrea, juror
  • 2003 The Louisiana Watercolor Society 33rd International Exhibition, Katherine Chang Liu, juror
  • 2003 The Kansas Watercolor Society Great 8 Exhibition, Wichita Center For The Arts, R.C. Murphy Patron Purchase Award, Sondra   
         Freckleton, juror
  • 2003 Overland Park Arts Commission Juried Exhibition, “Juror’s Choice”, Julie Keller, juror
  • 2004 Kansas Watercolor Society Great 8 Exhibition, Wichita Art Center, “Darrell Ferguson Memorial Award”, John T. Salminen, juror
  • 2004 Achieved Signature Membership in The Kansas Watercolor Society.  
  • 2005 Heartland Artist Exhibition, Merriam, Kansas, Neva Wood, chair of the Dept. of Art at Central Missouri State University, juror.
  • 2005 Achieved Signature Membership in The Louisiana Watercolor Society
  • 2005 Louisiana Watercolor Society 35th Annual International Exhibition, Paul C. Jackson, juror, June 4 thru 24, 2005
  • 2005 California Watercolor Association 37th National Exhibition, Academy of Art University Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Catherine Anderson,
          juror, April 1-28, 2005
  • 2005 Art At The Center, Overland Park Arts Commission, “Juror’s Choice”, Mark English, juror, April 1-May 30, 2005
  • 2005 Kansas Watercolor Society 35th Annual Great 8 Exhibition, July 3-Sept. 4, Jean Grastorf, juror.
  • 2005 Chase de Vere Award, 98th Annual Birmingham Watercolour Society Exhibition, Birmingham, England, September 11-24, 2005
  • 2006 Louisiana Watercolor Society 36th International Exhibition, John T. Salminen, NWS, AWS, DF, juror opening June 3, 2006.
  • 2006 Kansas Watercolor Society Great 8 Exhibition, opening June 4, 2006, Carla O’Conner, AWS, NWS
  • 2006 Achieved Signature Membership in The National Watercolor Society
  • 2006 The National Watercolor Society 86th Annual Exhibition October 21, M. Stephen Doherty, Editor-in-chief, American Watercolor, Drawing,
         and Workshop Magazines, juror “Country Musicians” exhibited
  • 2007 Louisiana Watercolor Society 37th Annual International Exhibition, Judy Morris AWS, NWS, juror, “Noon at Mirehaus” was exhibited.
  • 2007 American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal Cover Painting, September/October
  • 2007 Kansas Watercolor Society Great 8 Exhibition, Judy Morris AWS, NWS, juror, “Country Musicians” was the exhibited painting.
  • 2008 Louisiana Watercolor Society  38th International Exhibition, Birgit O’Connor LWS Juror
  • 2008 Watercolor USA, Springfield Art Museum, Debra Loomis Tayes, Associate Curator of Fine Art, Southern Illinois Art Gallery, Illinois State
         Museum. Exhibiting “The Optimist”. June 6 thru August 3, 2008
  • 2008 National Watercolor Society, Peter Adams, juror of awards, 88th Annual Exhibition opens August 30 thru November 1, 2008. “The
         Furniture Refinisher” will be exhibited.
  • 2008 Kansas Watercolor Society, The Wichita Center for the Arts Great 8 Exhibition, Gloria Miller Allen, juror. November 21 thru January 4,
          2009. “Goldman’s Theater” won The Friends of KWS Cash Award.
  • 2009 Missouri Watercolor Society, Winston Churchill Memorial Anson Cutts Gallery, Fulton, Missouri. “Same Day Service” will be exhibited
         April 1-May 17. John Salminen is the juror.
  • 2009 Louisiana Watercolor Society 39th Annual International Exhibition, May 9-29. The painting shown is “The Window Washer” The juror is
         Laurin McCracken.
  • 2009 Kansas Watercolor Society, Wichita Center For The Arts.  November 20, 2009-January 2, 2010. The painting exhibited is “Spectators”,
          juror is Eric Wiegardt.
  • 2010 The Fallbrook Art Center Signature American Watercolor Exhibition presented with the NWS 89th Travel Exhibition. The juror is
         Frank Webb, AWS (DF), NWS. Show dates are February 7-March 28, 2010. The painting exhibited will be “Pike Place Musicians”.
  • 2010 The Louisiana Watercolor Society’s 40th Annual International Exhibition, May 8-28, Juror, Soon Y. Warren AWA,NWS. “The
         Refinisher” won the  Award of Merit, Jack Richeson & Co. Award.
  • ·2011 Art AT The Center,  Overland Park, Kansas , John Boyd Martin, juror, opens April 1 thru June 6. The painting exhibited will be “Lookin
         AT Lucky.”
  • 2011 Louisiana Watercolor Society 41st Annual International Exhibition, Place St. Charles, New Orleans, LA. May 7 thru May 27, juror
          is James Toogood, AWS, NWS. The painting exhibited will be The Algarve.
  • 2011 Art At The Center, The juror, John Boyd Martin, awarded Eugene’s painting, Looki’n at Lucky, First Juror’s Award,
  • 2012 Three of Eugene’s paintings , “Orthopedic Surgery”, Seated Ballerina”, and “Trio at Cambria” will be exhibited at the Heartland Artists
          2012 Exhibition
    , Tim Murphy Art Gallery, March 3-April 7, 2012., judged by Kim Casebeer.
  • 2012 Art At The Center Juried Exhibition 2012, will feature one of Eugene’s portraits, “Jackie At Work”, judged by Kwan Wu, international
          sculptor. Opening date is April 6-June10.
  • 2012  Kansas Watercolor Society National Exhibition,  Donald Lake, WHS Juror, ‘Surgery at Mount Sinai ,November 30-January 6, 2013
  • 2013 Merriam Heartland Artist Exhibition, John Roush, juror, Irene B. French Gallery of Art, March 2-April 6, Exhibiting "Gatherine Shells".
  • 2013 Art At The Center, juried Exhibition, Tomahawk Ridge Community Center, April 5-June 9, juror, Penny Pate-Dillon   "Sprint 
  • Arena Under Construction".
  • 2014 Kansas Watercolor Society National Exhibition, November 21-January 4 2015   Thomas W. Schaller, AWS, NWS, juror,  Wichita Center
  • For The Arts, "Bartenders" 
  • 2015 American Watercolor Society entered: Mr. James and Mickey
  • 2015 California Watercolor Association 45th National Exhibition, January 15-February 21 2015, Juror, Eric Weigardt AWS, NWS, Harrington 
  • Gallery, Firehouse Arts Center, Pleasanton, California,  " Pike Place Musicians II" 
  • 2015  Kansas Watercolor Society National Exhibition, November 20, 2015, January 3, 2016,  juror, Sterling Edwards, CSPWC, TWSA, WPA, 
  • Wichita Center for the Arts, exhibiting, "Bob The Mechanic"
  • 2016 American Watercolor Society entered: Polishing Brass
  • 2016 Louisiana Watercolor Society 46th International Exhibition, Paul Jackson AWS, NWS  juror,  "The Bartenders", May 7-21, 2016
  • 2016 National Watercolor Society 96th International Exhibition, Frank Webb juror, entry "The Feeding Frenzy"
  • 2017 American Watercolor Society entered:  "Irish Parade"
  • 2018 Heartland Artist Exhibition exhibiting  "The Feeding Frenzy" March 3-31, 2018  Joe Lorusso, Juror
  • 2018 Heartland Artist Exhibition exhibiting "Roundup" March 3-31, 2018 Joe Lorusso, Juror

One Person Exhibitions

    • 1999 R. G. Endress Gallery, Municipal Building, Prairie Village Arts Council, Prairie Village, Kansas
    •  2001 The Cloister Gallery, Topeka, Kansas



    • 1988 Missouri Medicine, journal of the Missouri Medical Association, April
    • 1997 Kansas City Star, Surgeon Has Another Specialty, May 14
    • 1999 Watercolor, an American Artist Publication, Fall Issue, Painting A Model In Watercolor, by Stephen Doherty
    • 1999 The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, A Human Aesthetic, April 23
    • 1999 The Sun Times, Realist In The Gallery, April 28
    • 2000 The Kansas City Star, Artist Gets Chance To Shine, April 19
    • 2000 The Facial Plastic Times, American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Bortnick’s Art:  Painting And Facial Plastic
      , April
    • 2001 The Kansas City Star, The Human Face Is His Specialty As Plastic Surgeon and Painter, April 25
    • 2001 The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, Aesthetic Touch, June 29
    • 2002 The Kansas City Star, Enterprising Creators, October 24
    • 2002 Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, JAMA American Medical Association, April/June
    • 2004 Kansas City Magazine, Following His Passion, October
    • 2004 ART OF ENGLAND Wales, Midlands and the Counties, Birmingham Watercolour Society, November/December
    • 2005 The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle. The Doctor Is In, May 20, 2005
    • 2005 Art Of England, Inc. United Kingdom, Gallery Review, September/ October, 2005
    • 2005 Art Of England, Inc. United Kingdom, Birmingham Watercolour Society, Oh What A Night, November/December 2005
    • 2007 American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal, cover painting, “Bob Holloway Painting”, September/October
    • 2009 The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery newsletter, The Facial Plastic Times, featuring the painting
           “Goldman’s Theatre”, March 2009.
    • THE BEST TIMES, Johnson County, Kansas, “Praising the Human form in Medicine and Art”,  August,2012


    • The American Watercolor Society
    • The Birmingham Watercolour Society, Birmingham, England
    • Signature Membership status, Kansas Watercolor Society
    • The Portrait Society of America
    • Signature Membership status, Louisiana Watercolor Society
    • Heartland Pastel Society
    • Missouri Watercolor Society
    • Signature Membership Status, The National Watercolor Society
    • California Watercolor Association

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